Our Story

Many have heard about how fine Tasmanian whisky culminates from life’s balances within our island’s climate, soils, water and air.

Hearsay aside, the only real measure of its empirical values has to be determined by your own senses.

We therefore invite you discover yet another Tasmanian treasure.

Using only the finest agricultural product and pure spring water, we use an 1800 litre Tasmanian made copper pot still built by Peter Bailly, of Knapp Lewer Contracting Pty Ltd.

Our whisky is rested in oak casks for a minimum of 2 years. These casks have been specially selected for us by our cooper, Adam Bone at his Tasmanian Cask Company. Adam diligently sources wooden cask material from around the world. We find that his many years of experience in the industry are extremely beneficial for our distillery.

We have sought to make our whiskey smooth and full of flavour, so that they bear testimony to Tasmania’s fine produce. We hope that you enjoy the result of our innovations and labours.

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